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Dealing With Back Pain Through Osteopathy

If you are having back pain it's probably a good idea for you to first see your doctor in Brisbane before you start taking advantage of osteopathy. Your doctor is going to know best and know whether or not you need more than just a couple of days rest at home or something more than home rest. You should definitely seek the help of your doctor if you are having shooting pains or numbness in your arms, legs or hips. This could be signs of nerve damage or problems.

If you happen to have chronic back pain then make sure to consult with your Brisbane doctor that you see on a regular basis to ask him if osteopathic treatment would be good for the problem. If your doctor feels you could benefit from it, you can either ask him for a recommendation or do your own research. However, it is very important that you get in contact with an osteopath within the first month of the injury for best results.

When you go for your first appointment to the osteopath in Brisbane there will evaluate your condition and then will recommend a plan suited for your back pain to help relieve your symptoms. You will need to prepare yoruself for a series of monthly or even weekly appointments to treat you for your back problems.

There are a variety of different methods that can be used in osteopathic manipulation:

  • One of the more common methods would be the high velocity low amplitude thrust or HVLA. This is most often used to help correct asymmetry in a facet joint. When this method is used, you will often hear a cracking sound with the movements in this method. This is by some considered an uncomfortable part of an appointment but it rarely ever will increase the pain once done.
  • Osteopathic Manipulation Technique or OMT is another method used and it's a type of massage. Here the soft tissue is manipulated with the hands and pressure is put on near the muscles of the back and the facet joints. Often the osteopath will use some sort of traction by having the head or the feet lifted somewhat and then pulled to help relieve the stress on the discs and the nerves of the back. This generally will give a patient pleasant feeling in the muscles of the back.
  • Then there are counter force techniques that are sometimes applied with the osteopath puts pressure against a muscle. They are hoping that it will help it release. Often times patients are asked to move their muscles against the pressure that the osteopath might be applying.
Understand that in order to help with back pain, an osteopath will more than likely recommend some back friendly changes in a patients life. Often pain relief can be brought about by changing the way a person stands, sits or lifts and the osteopath may recommend any of the following:
  • Recommendation of a more active lifestyle. This does not mean they will tell someone to go out and start playing sports or go running but they will recommend exercises that are low impact and weight loss if needed.
  • Although they will try to correct posture issues at most appointments they also will send the patient home with homework to practice better posture.
  • They might also help their patients to learn stress management. Often it is stress that can be causing the back problems and things such as deep breathing techniques, meditation, relaxing baths and even some light yoga might be suggested to help alleviate stress.


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