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Our Top Recommendation
Philosophy of Osteopathy

Osteopathy, while only still in its infancy, is a field constantly earning new respect for both its medical science as well as its genuinine human health and performance outcomes. This book is a must read for medical students or the well informed citizen looking to properly understand the nature of osteopathy. Read it - be inspired!

Also Recommended
Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques

This a highly recommended atlas that covers techniques that are usually taught as well as used in osteopathic medical practice as well as education. It is a well done reference for preparing for exams as well as clincal rotations. It has well done step by step instructions and is nicely illustrated with full color pages. The book guides the reader through over 350 different types of manipulative methods used in osteopathic medicine. This is a great book for the student studying this type of medicine and can even be handy for after one is in practice.

Also Recommended
Osteopathy and the Zombie Apocalypse: A Career Guide for Pre-Med & Pre-College Students

This book is interestingly done through almost a fantasy view where the doctor and author leads the reader through a fantasy world and through it educates those who may be considering becoming an osteopathic medical doctor or for those readers who simply want to learn more about osteopathic medicine. It is humorous, easy to read and quite educational for anyone who reads it.

Also Recommended
Osteopathy for the over 50s: Maintaining Function and Treating Dysfunction

This book contains the study of the biomechanics as well as physiology of somatic dysfunction and how this happens to relate to people 50 and older. This book descripes the diagnosis of somatic dysfunction and how the application of osteopathic manipulation treatment can help those 50 and older. This book is great for practitioners who treat people over 50 and want to provide them with a different approach to medicine.

Also Recommended
Advanced Osteopathic Technique - PPT Manipulation and Synergetic Bio-mechanics

This is a complete revision of the original PPT book and the techniques in this book are illustrated in great detail in this book. The book shows how PPT's can help a person unwind by applying different manipulations and leaves no trauma behind. This book is meant for those who are studying osteopathic medicine or are already practicing it.

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